Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale and Terms of Warranty

1. Most vehicles and parts of vehicles sold from this establishment are auto salvage, are second-hand and are sold as such. Whilst we wish to give good value to our customers we cannot guarantee each part to be absolutely perfect and this is reflected in our prices when they are compared to brand new items.

2. We will always try to supply the exact part that our customers require. Due to the variations in make, model, design and year of manufacture, we cannot give any guarantee that any parts are correct for the purpose required. It will help if customers can bring a sample part for comparison, but all sales are made on the strict understanding that the customer is responsible for making sure that the parts bought are correct for the purpose required. In the event that a part purchased is not correct for the particular vehicle, we will attempt to replace the part with the correct one if returned or we are notified within 72 hours.

3. Any part which is found to be faulty or unserviceable (unless the fault was declared on purchase) will be repaired, exchanged or money refunded according to circumstances if notification is made within 30 days of purchase unless the part was sold under special terms evidenced in writing and assuming the part has not been subject to misuse, modification, alteration or substitution.

4. Transporter Heaven Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage to the said part or impaired performance caused by faulty or inefficient installation or subsequent damage caused by the lack of maintenance.

Bearing in mind that all parts are auto salvage and the price is substantially less than new, we do not hold ourselves responsible if any vehicle is off the road whilst a part is being brought back for exchange.

All goods shall remain the property of Transporter Heaven Ltd until the full purchase price thereof shall be paid.

These terms of business are not intended to restrict or exclude any legal rights bestowed or implied by law.

(Our company reserves the right to change or modify current Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.)