The VW Transporter Specialist Breakers

Hi, We Are Transporter Heaven

Over 30 years ago, Transporter Heaven started out as a general car breakers.

We are a local, family run business and throughout the years, we have evolved into a specialist VW Transporter dismantler.

As a team, we pride ourselves on our vast amount of Transporter knowledge from part identification to retrofits and upgrades.
We are well known within the Transporter community and have a constant supply of vans ranging from T25s to T6.1s including Caravelles, Shuttles and Kombis. We can supply all parts ranging from engines to door handles.

We also collect scrap vans for great prices!

Please feel free to contact us or pop into our yard to have a look at our stock.

What We're Good At...

“Keeping the Transporter scene alive, one part at a time”

We take great pride in being the UK’s number one VW Transporter Specialist Breaker. We have become the ‘go-to’ place for hard-to-find parts and we thrive on fulfilling enthusiasts wish lists.

Our yard is affectionally known as ‘Transporter Heaven’, not because this is the final resting place for retired vans but because of the sheer volume of parts and kits that we have available.

We welcome Transporter heads to novices!